Squeezy Pillow - Kids of all ages and even adults are raving over Squeezy
Squeezy Pillow - Squeezy repeats back whatever you say, but only when you want him to
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Squeezy Pillow Features:
  • 3 AA batteries not included
  • Automatically shuts off in 15 minutes
  • Only goes into record mode when commanded through touch button
  • Will record for up to 7 seconds and repeat back whatever you say
  • Soft plush outer cover make Squeezy a cuddly and fun friend

Squeezy Pillow TV Offer

Offer Details: Squeezy Pillow is the world's first talking and light up pillow! It's the perfect night light for children of all ages. Order now and you will receive one Squeezy Pillow (available in heart shape or square) for just $24.99 and $4.99 P&H!